Classes & Course Description

All classes, private and group, and all levels, beginning intermediate and advanced, will practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Most class materials are included in the price of tuition.

The main focus of these classes will be:

1. American Pronunciation
This section is all about Clear Speech. East/West does not promote accent elimination, but rather, we find a more organic way to help the student acquire the sounds of vowels and consonants in order to speak with greater ease and understanding. Learning proper placement of the lips and tongue, and where sound is produced, plays a major role in reproducing clear speech. Diction, enunciation, emphasis, and stress will be learned. The goal is to be heard and to be understood.

2. English Conversation
Interesting to explore, hard to define. I will refer to Webster's Dictionary:
"Social interchange, exchange, oral and usually, informal or friendly interchange of views, sentiments, etc., talk, or a talk". So, that's "conversation", but how do you become good at it when it's not your first language? That's the class! We'll start with simple topics depending on your level of English. "Hi, how are you? What country are you from?" That's the basics, but let's see what happens when a newspaper is introduced, or a painting from the Louvre is shown. Everything is a conversation, the possibilities are endless. Come, join, gain confidence, and converse in English.

3. Cultural Orientation
This section is about gaining a better understanding of American people and the "American way". We'll learn about customs, society, history, business etiquette; the general "mores" of the culture. We'll discover what we as individuals from various countries have in common and what makes us different and unique.

New Classes Offered

1. "Everyday English"
Evening classes
These classes are new to East/West and designed to help students who work, or go to school during the day, have an opportunity to study English in the evening. These classes are for individuals who want to begin or continue their language studies in a small group setting. Two classes will be offered for either Beginning/Intermediate students or Intermediate/Advanced students. The focus of these classes will be on Conversation and each student will have the chance to practice and participate in a class based on speaking and listening. Materials for this class will be both teacher and student generated. Come prepared to learn, bring something to share, meet new people, and enjoy learning English. It's what we call "Pot Luck" in America.

2. On-Site, Job-Based, Language Acquisition
These classes are for small or large groups only and are focused on helping employees learn "the language of their job". Vocabulary may need to be increased, writing skills may need to be sharpened, and fluency in language may need to be acquired to better perform one's duty at work. An On-Site evaluation of the employees and a consultation with the employer is necessary.

Class Requirements
  1. American Heritage Dictionary (pocket size or larger)
  2. Bilingual Dictionary (required for Beginning students)
  3. Notebook of paper, pencils, erasers, pens
  4. Small hand-held mirror

Optional Material
  1. Newspapers
  2. Short Story books (may be assigned)
  3. Grammar Books