Private Tutoring and Class Instruction

ello, and thank you for your interest in East/West ESL Tutoring, Inc. Here you will find some basic information about myself and my school. East/West ESL Tutoring, Inc. has been a privately held corporation since 1990. Our focus is on private instruction and corporate contracts providing classes in English as a second language. Shellie Shulkin, President, is a certified ESL instructor and a graduate of Dr. Nancy Tulare's S-TESL program at Seattle University. Ms Shulkin has taught ESL at Seattle Central Community College - Institute of English, and is both an accomplished private tutor and classroom instructor working with people of various cultures. East/West ESL provides group classes and private tutoring to assist beginning, intermediate, and advanced non-native individuals in learning proper American English specializing in:

Most materials and pronunciation tapes are specially made and included in classes tailored to meet the needs and skill of each individual student. I also offer a free consultation (private students only) for the initial meeting to determine the student's level of English, and to discuss a program of study suitable for learning.

I cater to professional business people, housewives, and students of all cultures who have some degree of proficiency in English but who seek further help, in an intensive program of study, to gain language fluency and comprehension.

Ms Shulkin and her colleagues incorporate the pronunciation principals and teachings of Ms Cicely Berry, Voice and Speech teacher to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.

Private tutoring classes are scheduled on 10 week course contracts - days and hours determined on student/teacher availability. Classes are held Monday through Friday. Other special arrangements (short term contracts) would need to be discussed, including changes in tuition.

Group contracts are usually scheduled for three, six or twelve month periods. Tuition is determined based on the class schedule and student enrollment. My fee for an on-site evaluation is $50.00 per hour.

Evening classes, beginning and intermediate, are scheduled on 6 week course contracts, two nights per week.

Instruction is offered at the office of East/West ESL, now located on Mercer Island, or at the student's place of business (only within the greater Seattle and Eastside area). Home tutoring is offered only under special circumstances.

If you, your associates, friends or family members are interested in improving your skills in English through private tutoring or group instruction, East/West ESL can help.

I am happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding classes or enrollment. You may reach me at my office at (206) 682-1643, or you can e-mail me at I'm also available on Google+.


Shellie Shulkin